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Tell me more! I Changed my mind!

Who in the wild world is Phoenix Shepherd?

Again, I'm a high school student from Saint Louis, Missouri. I'm currently pursuing a degree in systems administration via a coop study program with a local technical school.
Recently, I've been working alot with my Homelab, Building it one piece at a time. I currently possess two Dell servers, an Avaya switch and some other little goodies. But that's all on another page, isn't it!

Personally, I've been changing alot reflecting back these past years in highschool. I've basically decided most of my future at this rate. Allow me to explain;

I'm essentially a queer deer, I like guys. Period. Now freshman year, I was a totally different man. I was straight as an arrow and single as hell. Now I like anthropromorphic animals, and cuddling and all that. Man that's so gay!

Yes, I own a fursuit. It's a partial, but I plan on upgrading it to a full-suit sometime after college. I also have a sona-job, emotional support dog. Pretty fun, but I only do that part-time haha.

Life Experiences

My "Accomplishments"/ Life Experiences:


As a kid, growing up my family and I moved alot, we're originally from Saint Louis, of course! But, I haven't always lived here my entire life!
When I was a wee pup, probably ~4, my mother's job required us to move to Nashville Tennessee, thus we begin the cycle of movement. Next, when I was ~5 we moved to Chicago, we lived there for a few years. Her company collapsed as 411 became automated etc. But we lived there until I was ~9. Then we came back to Saint Louis! Home sweet home! Moving was tough, I mean I had to basically drop everything and start over, but I powered through I suppose!

The little things that make me unique =)

Growing up, my parents didn't really feed me many foods and that really came to bash me in the forehead later in life.
Now, I don't like anything with tomatoes in it; pizza, ketchup (Really any sauce tbh), blt's etc. I'm also semi-vegitarian, I only like chicken, and barely at that. Red meat doesn't really seem good to me, but I'm trying I suppose.
If I had to accurately describe my eating habits I'd sum them up like this;
I'm that Chicken Tendies and Macoroni and Cheese kid.
I have 0 shame in that. I mean, sure it's not healthy but I'm trying to improve my diet by experimenting with new foods.

Another quirk of mine is that I hate logos on my clothing articles; I'm a simplistic person, I like little subtle things like patterns or lines but logos just make me feel like I'm trying to sell something.

A personal life-long hobby of mine is technology, I've always been enthrawled in it. Taking apart computers, building them, imaging them with server software, learning that software. It just kinda clicks with me and I just go crazy with it! I've helped so many people throughout my life with their IT related problems, and that just makes me a happier person to think about that.
Right now, I'm going to school for it, I'm in my 4th semester of Cisco Networking Academy studies and I plan to graduate with CCENT and CompTIA A+ certifications and continue on to my CCNA and CISSP in college!


Conventions, Conventions, Conventions!

Gateway Furmeet! (Saint Louis, Missouri)

This was my very first furmeet! I still remember it so well! I was just getting into the furry fandom, and I really wanted to go to my first furry convention! Now, this wasn't easy since I was a minor, and conventions as a minor are a total shi*storm. You need a notorization, you need a parent in certain circumstnaces, etc. But man was it fun! I met so many new people, made some friends, and it was certainly a great start in my furry life! I also learned a thing or two about trust. Who you can trust, who not to trust, and who not to be friends with. I'm very much against controlled substances, and I had made some friends who I was unaware of but learned used controlled substances. I immediately decided to cut relations with them, and stick to my closer ring of friends. And everything really turned out okay!

Midwest Fur Fest 2018! (Chicago, Illinois)

Now that was quite the leap wasn't it! I went from micro-con to the biggest con and man was it different!
I hardly had any time to do everything I wanted to. I got to meet so many people I had communicated with online via Discord or Telegram. Definately something to remember!
We got lucky and got a room at the main hotel, the Hyatt Regency. The room was super cramped, but the walk-time was totally worth it. I got to meet up with the guys from /r/furry (Reddit) and go shopping in the dealer's den.
I Lost alot of money at MFF, but meh it's a once a year thing, worth it.
I really enjoyed it, I had alot of fun, gained a few more fursuit parts and a life experience. I plan to attend in 2019, and do even more!